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Anyone try dual loading mm and openframe?

  • Here’s a crazy question… I am building another MM for my daughter, who is an artist. I came across openframe the other day and decided to build her a beautiful system to display her artwork on (like a digital art frame). I was wondering though, if anyone had any experience with dual loading them? I am thinking I can have MM run from her normal wakeup time till after she goes to school and then run it as a frame with openframe for the rest of the day. Any suggestions if I try this? Other options - Could load her artwork UNDER mm - as a background, but that won’t look as elegant… Or best yet- it would be great if it would act as a photo frame UNTIL she steps in front of it, and then it could load her mm stuff. HMM… ideas, ideas…

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    @soqueen should be easy to just use a picture module in the fullscren region and then use the pir sensor or a cam to hide the picture modul and display the regular modules.

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