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MMM-TouchNotifications, A Touch Activated Notification Sender

  • Module Developer

    This Module adds a menu with buttons which send fully configurable notifications when clicked. I made this after a request of @Ralf.
    This is basically a rewrite of my MMM-TouchNavigation. Compared to MMM-TouchNavigation this module needs more configuration but also allows you guys to use it for different stuff (for example your own modules). I hope to replace the MMM-TouchNavigation with this one some day.

    You can configure multiple buttons with either a symbol, some text or both. When configured the buttons fade a bit as shown in the pictures. You can also change the direction of the menu buttons and the placement of the symbol.

    As with MMM-TouchNavigation this module fully supports MMM-ProfileSwitcher, but does not need it. It depends on the other modules what kind of notifications you should send. Hence this module has a bit higher learning curve than others, but does allow for more options.


    • Custom Notifications
    • Custom Text
    • Custom Symbol or Own Image
    • Customisable Button Size
    • Customisable Direction
    • Customisable Symbol/Image position
    • Configurable Fading

    You can find it here.

    If you have any questions or requests for future features, don’t hesitate to ask!

    Some screenshots with different configurations:

    Horizontal layout (row), symbol left
    Horizontal layout (row), symbol top, minimum width 65px
    Vertical layout (column), symbol right

    Version 1

    • First version and implementation

    Version 2

    • Added fading
    • Added notification and fading shortcuts
      • profile - notification and fade
      • click - fade only

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