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Mirror twice as tall as screen. How to build the frame?

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    My wife has mandated that my smart mirror needs to be a full length mirror. So I’m planning on using a 32" TV mounted behind a piece of glass 1500mm (~59") tall. The “smart” portion of the mirror would be the top half, while the bottom half is just a regular mirror. The glass and the TV will be the same width

    Here’s what I’m thinking is a good approach:

    I build the basic box the size of the mirror glass, and attach the visible frame to the front of the box as we’ve seen on many tutorials. With the box face down, I place the glass in the frame. The screen then gets placed inside the frame pushed all the way to the top. Then I would put some black paper behind the glass for the bottom half of the screen. Then I place a cross beam in the middle of the frame behind the glass that supports the TV from underneath. Finally, I would finish the empty space below the screen with some triangle-shaped pieces of wood in all four corners of the empty space to both secure the glass inside the frame, and add support to the cross beam.

    I plan on mounting the mirror using the VESA holes in the back of the TV, potentially on an articulating mount so that I can swivel the mirror out from the wall when I need access, but otherwise it will lie flush to the wall. Or am I better off creating a cross beam at the top of the frame and mounting using that?

    Does this sound like a good approach? Do I need to do anything more with the empty space below the TV? Any worries about the mirror being top heavy? The TV weighs 3.8kg (~8.3 lbs), no idea what the glass will weigh, but it will be a 1/4" piece 435mm x 1500mm (about 17" x 59").

    Any insight here is greatly appreciated!


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    @yawns Thanks! Yeah that second link seems more or less exactly the same as what I’m trying to do. Looks like it has validated my approach.