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MMM-Vrr - Transport Information for VRR, North Rhine-Westphalia Germany

  • Module Developer


    I wrote an MagicMirror Module for most Citys in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
    It supports all Transportation within VRR and has limited support for areas outside of it.

    its my first Project on Github, so im open to suggestions and / or tipps on improving the Module ☺






    Version 1.0

    • initial release

    Version 1.1

    • added some additional configuration to set a custom width
    • added the option to scroll the destination text horizontally

    Version 1.2

    • now displays delays

    Version 1.5

    • delay bugfix and styling changes
    • rail track is now displayed
    • added additional display type

    Version 1.5.1

    • fix for Issue #3 scrollAfter and displayType lcd

    Version 1.6

    • shown lines can now be filtered and code improvements. THX @wapolinar !
    • added

  • @Klizzy - this modul is a intresting alternative to the module MMM-EFA-Departures …

    Is it possible to integrate Delaytimes ??

    Greetz Sandy2503

  • Module Developer

    Yes i’ll integrate it in a couple of days ☺

  • Hi, till now I have use a module by myself to display Picture from finalrewind. But now I use your modul. Its perfect! Thank you! But a little question I have, too. 🙂 Is it possible to programmed fixed size of your module? I like to explain what I mean, I five buses displayed. But the destination of the buses not the same. So if there five buses whit short destinations like abc, its ok but then there are five buses whit long destinations like abcdefghijklm, your modul will adjust size.

    greets gismo

  • Module Developer


    thank you! Its nice to hear that some people are using it! ☺
    I added some additional configuration settings, so you can specify an fixed width bei yourself in pixel (e.g 350px).
    But the text would get an additional line break if the string is to long, so i added a vertical scrolling feature.
    Just look at the instructions at github.

    i think that i will be ready with your request in a couple of hours

  • @Klizzy

    Hello, Sorry I didn´t see it till now. Maybe I need a glass. But now I have tested the option setWidth and scrollAfter but nothing happend. There was no error but it didn´t work, too. I have set your option at my config file at the config block of your module. There I have set the numberofResults to 5. This works perfect. Do you have any Ideas?

    greets gismo

  • Module Developer


    did you updated the source files?

    you have to delete the old Version of the MMM-Vrr module and download the new one.
    So just replace the source files with the updated one and you configs should work after an restart

  • @Klizzy

    Maybe You could add the delay time like in the MMM-RNV Module


  • Module Developer


    the module now displays delays.
    Just update the source code and thank you for your suggestion!

  • @Klizzy

    Hey, a wonderfull morning 🙂

    I only like to say now everthing works fine!!
    I shouldn ´t sit in front of my mm so early… 😃 I haven´t seen your sentences: “I added…” and don´t update my source.

    Thank you!

    Today I will write you a PN, if it is Ok for you, maybe you can help me too.

    greets gismo