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  • Hello,

    I made a thing. My first useful module is a crypto coin ticker for one or more crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ether, DASH etc.
    It is based on MMM-bitcoin by valmassoi.
    It is using CryptoCompare API.
    All needed informations for configuration are in the

    Thank you MichMich for developing MagicMirror and sorry for editing your 3rd pardy module page. I didn’t know the forum and didn’t know where to post my module.

    Submitting issues or pull requests are welcome.

    One thing. API requests are limited to 10000 ms, all updateIntervals below will be limited.

    Here is the repo: MMM-cryptocoin


  • Hello
    thanks a lot for this addon 🙂 it looks perfect on the mirror.
    Is it possible to use BTC as main currency instead of euro or dollar ? so everything is converted in BTC.
    i tried to switch in BTC in the config file but it wasnt working, also 24h00 price change would be awesome 🙂

  • @s199
    You can set “transCurrency” to “BTC”, it works. You must set “output: ‘%x €’” e.g. to “output: ‘%x BTC’”, it’s just a format string where %x stands for the value.

    24h price change will be the challenge. I will diggin in it.

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