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raspberry freezes

  • Hi,

    I have my raspberry connected with the same power supply as my screen with a modified cable like this. One end I modified to a normal power outlet, so I can connect my raspberry adapter to it. I connected the other outlet to the screen. I also put a pir motion sensor in between the cable that connects to the monitor. So my monitor is turned off after certain time, but raspberry stays always on.

    Now after a day or so, my raspberry freezes right after the monitor is started. My best guess is that this is through a voltage peak or something. but I do not know for sure what causes the crash. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?

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    That link is either invalid or doesn’t exist to what you want it to go. I’m getting a 404 on it. Either way, my gut feeling is the pi dies because of not enough power. It needs to be powered from something that can provide at least 2A worth at 5V.

  • @KirAsh4
    Let me try again: link

    so this is connected directly to my main power (220V) with an adapter which supplies 5V and 2.5A.

    It could be that starting the monitor draws power away for short moment. However this is not happening every time, only after a day or so.

    know of a solution how to prevent this?

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    Just for testing purposes, remove that splitter, and plug the rpi and monitor into their own outlets in the wall (as opposed to them coming out of one.) Not that I think this would really do much, but I want to eliminate the splitter as the possible cause.

  • I’m going to do that. I’ll let you know the result.

  • So I tested it, and it also freezes with power from a separate outlet… I’m now running the Pi without the magicmirror program running to see if that is the problem.

  • @Try2Fly What kind of powersupply you use for de Raspberry? and what version of Raspberry do you use?

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    They said they’re using a 5V/2.5A adapter. Makes me wonder if the rpi is getting hot. I spent weeks trying to figure out why the monitor connected to the rpi was flashing off and on every so often. Swapped it for a different rpi, same thing, so I figured it’s the monitor. Connected it to a different machine and it worked just fine. Connected the rpi to a different monitor and sure enough, that too started flashing on and off. Even after forcing a higher power signal on the rpi, didn’t fix it. Then I pulled the thing out of the acrylic case it came in and it stopped. The main processor was getting too hot. I’m probably going to redesign the case, 3D print a new one and incorporate a small fan. Should be fun.

  • @Wilco89 Raspberry Pi 3, 5V 2.5A Should be more than sufficient. It doesn’t show the square with colors, what normally would show when power is to low.

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