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Problems with Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • I’ve been able to get my MM up and running when all the parts and pieces are outside the wooden frame I built. When I assemble it all into the frame I lose my wi-fi connection. Its seems that either the housing is shielding the unit or there is radio interference from the monitor.

    I have a Raspberry Pi 3 with on-board wi-fi. I poked around the internet and found some info on modding the board to add a bigger antenna but I would prefer not to mod the board. Has anyone had experience with disabling the on-board wi-fi and adding a wi-fi dongle? Has anyone had similar trouble and solved it some other way? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Adding a dongle on yours may be a good solution. use a usb extension cable yso you can move the dongle around if you dont get connectivity.

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    I used a WiFi dongle on my first mirror. In certain areas of the house, connectivity was pretty poor. I had installed a USB port into the box in case I needed to plug in a keyboard/mouse and troubleshoot. Plugging the WiFi dongle into that external port solved my WiFi problems right nicely.
    So it sounds like you’re on the right track. And disabling the onboard WiFi is pretty easy.

  • @bhepler Thanks for the reply. Can you point me to a good “how to” on disabling the on-board and enabling a wi-fi dongle.

  • @n8ms add to config.txt

    (This also disables Bluetooth)

  • @nuckinfutz Will this disable both wlan1 and wlan0, wlan0 being the native wireless adapter? I currently have both active and the dongle is working great. I would trial and error it but I am trying to avoid disabling wireless and losing my SSH connection. Will have to open it all up and connect a keyboard to get it running again.

  • @n8ms Disables the onboard wireless. You might want to try bluetooth and a bluetooth keyboard. Why worry about the onboard? Just leave it.Doubt you are having power issues.

  • @nuckinfutz Excellent point, I’m not having power issues so I will probable just leave it how it is. Thanks for the input.

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