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On-Demand Music

  • Hi there!

    I’m developing my own software for my magic mirror from the ground up, and putting it on a Raspberry Pi. I’ve got a good speaker and a good microphone, and I was planning to use a Spotify CLI that I found to control Spotify on my Raspberry Pi and play Spotify music through the speaker, but I recently found out that Spotify is not supported on a Raspberry Pi. I’ve been researching it for the past couple of hours and I can’t find a single way to play music on-demand on a Raspberry Pi, where I can simply tell what song I want and it will play.

    Does anyone know if there’s a way to get Spotify on a Raspberry Pi? I’m willing to do anything (even install a new operating system). If not, what other alternative methods do I have to play music on-demand on a Raspberry Pi? I have access to Spotify Premium and Amazon Prime Music, but I know neither of those have official APIs that I can use to play music on-demand.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I seen an article of someone doing it, but it was its own project. Unaffiliate with the MagicMirror.

    Not looked into it. I made an AlexaPi and the only dissapointing thing about it is that it doesn’t play Spotify or Prime Music. I was looking into the possibility of using this but it was an after thought about a week ago.

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    Spotify is not supported? About 2 weeks ago when I last played around with my mirror components spotify was still working and I could use my phone or my laptop to select music to be played on my mirror.

  • @yawns What software did you use? I’ve been researching for hours and couldn’t find a way to get Spotify on my RPI. Where did you install it from?

  • I use Volumio to play Spotify on a RPi and the MMM-Volumio plugin to display Now Playing info from Volumio.

  • Hey guys, I ended up using mopidy ( which works great, but it requires Spotify premium.

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    I use spotify-connect-web:
    There is a MagicMirror frontend available:
    You don’t need the frontend, it just helps you seeing your spotify status on your mirror. And the installation instructions are helpful.

    The biggest issue is getting the app-key. I completed the request form 3 times and it took 2-3 weeks but I received my app-key and went on.

    This is my file. Of course you need to add your spotify premium username and password. And you might need to play around with playback devices. The -n switch defines the name you see when browsing for Spotify devices.

    cd /home/pi/spotify-connect-web
     ./spotify-connect-web --username IWONTTELLYOU --password WONTTELLEITHER --bitrate 320 --n MagicMirror --playback_device sysdefault:CARD=ALSA

    After everything is set, the connect service is running on your pi and you should be able to select it on your smartphone, your tablet, the browser frontend or your computer, if you are on the same network.

  • A pretty easy an fast way is by installing this:

    the best things are: works instantly , works instantly with justboom amp hat etc; stream from different profiles

    but there is no frontend yet,…

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    @Lisa-Brown Haha, well Lisa, that’s not exactly what I would call “on demand” music playback . I guess the OT had something different in mind.
    However with the ample possibilities with Spotify on a Raspberry Pi nowadays I wonder why you would go through such an extensive workaround.

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    I have been reading tons of topics about spotify music converter or downloader nowadays in this forum. I doubt its a kind of Adv. or spam.

    Anyway, Any kind of downloading or storing Spotify music stream is violation of EULA. It would be illegal attempt.

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