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  • Description:

    Made proof-of-concept for displaying volumio information from the web socket it exposes.
    All feedback welcome.


  • Hi @trgraglia,
    just did a test-drive of your module and I was very impressed.
    Looks really cool to me.
    If you need any help let me know.
    Thinking of some improvements…

    • translations
    • configurable fields (hide certain fields returned from Volumio)
    • show cover art
    • improved CSS (possibly using icons from Font Awesome…)


  • @BerndKohl

    Hi Bernd,
    I honestly just wanted to see if it was possible. Some ideas:

    • Offer in the config a chance to hide/show each element
    • Offer an ordering of the info in the config
    • Offer class override in the config
    • Offer layouts in the config

    The CSS and showing album art from the provided url, etc is the easy part. The logic to make a nice configurable module is a little trickier. 😉 And of course, all input, contribution, etc welcome. Fire away!

    Additionally, would be cool, using pi-gpio to allow button input on predefined pins to play/pause, advance track, adjust volume, etc… Just ideas. Time is the limiting factor.

  • I can’t seem to get this to work. It just displays “Connecting to Volumio…” in the mirror.

    Logs show this line popping up every 15 seconds or so.
    — MMM-Volumio: Socket Notification Received: MMM-VOLUMIO-SET-CONFIG

    IP for volumio is set to static This is set correctly in the config.js.

    Thanks for any help you might be able to give.

  • @Chiumanfu This is just a prrof of concept and I haven’t had any time to expand on it.

    This sounds stupid but are you playing something on Volumio? If nothing is playing, it will not get any data.

    Other than that, perhaps you can inspect the JS in your browser and see if there are any errors there. Sorry I cant offer more support right now.


  • @trgraglia I realized my mistake. I had to add “http://” in front of the IP address in the config.js

    Thanks for your work on this module.

  • @Chiumanfu The devil is in the details. 😉

  • Hello, This MMM-Volumio modul work great whit Volumio. I have Pi Zero whit RuneAudio. Volumiourl: “http://runeaudio.local” don’t work. Is possible MMM-Volumio modifier for RuneAudio? MMM-MPD don’t work for me.

  • @BerndKohl

    Displaying the album art is pretty simple.
    Volumio exposes it through the websocket already, just need to add it.

    Just add/change the following the MMM-Volumio.js file

            item.className = 'mmm-volumio-item';
            item.innerHTML = '<div>' + data['title'] + '<div>'
                + '<div>' + data['artist'] + '</div>'
                + '<div><br /></div>'
                //+ '<div>' + data['title'] + '</div>'
                + '<div><img src=" + data[" /></div>';

    it seems the site is removing the formatting from the code

    Here is a screen shot of the changes.

    0_1573191422055_Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 12.35.21 AM.png

    I would say play with the layout as it suits you. I had no need for the album title (the reason the one line is commented out).

    My version is one the bottom bar.

    Some screenshots:

    0_1573190635179_Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 12.22.37 AM.png


    0_1573190658646_Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 12.21.58 AM.png

    You will most likely need to play around with the css to match your layout.

    One other note if when you first load the module, if you don’t see anything playing (assuming it’s playing on Volumio), stop then start the song again. After that everything will change automatically.

  • Hi, this look very nice. My Problem is I have RuneAudio on Rpi Zero. Can someone rewrite that code for RuneAudio or MPD? I want to have that.

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