[MMM-RTSPStream] - Video Streaming from Live Feeds & Security Cameras

  • @bill22
    And after a little while, does it say stopped?
    And what does

    ps -eaf | grep omxplayer | grep -v grep


    If pm2 status has a pid, can you do

    pstree -ap < pid >

    Iso < pid > put the pid number from pm2 status.

  • @evroom
    omx_stream1 remain online, but the uptime shows 0s only (mm is up for 36 min):

    │ App name    │ id │ version │ mode │ pid   │ status │ restart │ uptime │ cpu │ mem      │ user │ watching │
    │ mm          │ 1  │ N/A     │ fork │ 2976  │ online │ 1       │ 36m    │ 0%  │ 2.3 MB   │ pi   │ disabled │
    │ omx_stream1 │ 0  │ N/A     │ fork │ 10391 │ online │ 1073    │ 0s     │ 0%  │ 2.2 MB   │ pi   │ disabled │
    ps -eaf | grep omxplayer | grep -v grep
    pi@raspberrypi:~ $ ps -eaf | grep omxplayer | grep -v grep
    pi        1770   820  0 18:17 ?        00:00:04 leafpad /home/pi/omxplayer.log
    pi       13794   781  1 20:05 ?        00:00:00 bash /usr/bin/omxplayer --avdict rtsp_transport:tcp --win 666, 361, 1018, 603 --live --video_queue 4 --audio_queue 4 --fps 25 rtsp://,16,17,18,20,266,593,594,595,598,1801,1802,1803
    pi       13823 13794  0 20:05 ?        00:00:00 /usr/bin/omxplayer.bin --avdict rtsp_transport:tcp --win 666, 361, 1018, 603 --live --video_queue 4 --audio_queue 4 --fps 25 rtsp://,16,17,18,20,266,593,594,595,598,1801,1802,1803
    pi@raspberrypi:~ $

    tried to use

    pstree -ap < pid >

    but the PID is constantly changing; therefore no output

  • @bill22
    To be honest, I am lost, out of ideas.
    I tried to get the module running myself again, but I cannot even get Bucks Bunny to eat his carrot.
    I would need to setup MM completely new for it to work I guess.
    At the moment you are left with the option of running it stand-alone using avm_stream, like I do

    How where you thinking of using the module should it work?
    Changing channels would still be a challenge, right?

  • @evroom

    seems to be quite tricky with that stream…

    But thank you for all your efforts so far and again great that we did it at least to run stand alone…!

    You are right, channel changing options seems to be a limitation using avm_stream. I wonder if there is a way of “operating” the avm_stream, at least to switch one particular channel/stream on and off without using the terminal…?

  • @bill22

    I will look if there is a module that can trigger linux commands at will.
    Would be interested in that myself.

  • @evroom

    if we could find one, it could be probably used to start/stop the stream. On the other hand it could be an option to define several “stand alone streams” and call those individually. Position of the streams could be even offset to each other…Just a thought…

  • @bill22

    Btw, do you “fancy” stuff like Voice Control or Alexa ?
    I don’t, but those would be modules that could trigger something.

  • @evroom
    me neither

  • @bill22


    I used this Sunday to setup a second Pi, whilst watching F1.
    Used a new SD, installed Debian Buster and Magic Mirror v2.8.0.

    After I made sure I did not have any errors after rebooting, restarting MM, etc, I setup MMM-RTSPStream.
    It now works for Bucks Bunny, my IP cam and my SAT receiver.
    I can even rotate 2 SAT channels.

    I also tested the little fix with --audio_queue 4and that works to (although I cannot check audio, as I have no speaker).

    It does not say that this method will work for you (my RTSP was dead as a dodo), but it could be something to consider.
    I will play a bit with single quotes, double quotes, etc, as that is a potential problem in your URL.

    And it still leaves the issue with selecting a channel at will, through a trigger.

  • @evroom

    Hi and sorry for the late response.

    Sounds pretty good and promising!

    How do you “rotate” your SAT channels? Does it change based on time (after x seconds)?
    For me it could be good enough to have a few channels to change, of course better to select from a small list.