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MagicMirror Hosting on AWS

  • I’m thinking about building a magic mirror of my own.

    I saw this post, and OP mentions that he has MM hosted on a windows machine.

    That gave me the idea of hosting it on a free AWS account. Before I start on that, I wanted to see if anyone has tried it with success and has any tips or if it won’t work at all. I was planning on following this guide.

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    @sync101 The only part I would watch for is that the Complete Setup Tutorial is designed for a Raspberry Pi. Amazon’s free servers don’t run Rasbian, so the automated script to install the Magic Mirror framework probably won’t work.

    The good news is that the manual installation process is about all you’ll really need. The basic steps are:

    • Install Git
    • Install node.js and npm
    • Install Electron
    • Clone the Magic Mirror repository to the home folder
    • Run npm install in the Magic Mirror folder
    • Copy the config.js.sample file to config.js
    • Run npm serveronly in the Magic Mirror folder
    • Hit your VM by going to http://[ip address]:8080

    I’ve found that the instructions/walkthrough in the thread about running the MagicMirror framework on a Pi Zero have been invaluable.

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