MMM-MBTA - Information about a single MBTA (Boston, Massachusetts) station

  • Module Developer

    Hey all,
    I made a module to show information about a single MBTA (subway, bus, etc.) station in Boston. When you get dressed, you’ll be able to see the upcoming trains, and when to leave.


    You can choose a station, various options (e.g. eta time, arrival time, neither, both) and it’ll show options like alerts, if you put it on a full-width position. You can also filter out types of transportation and cap the number of shown. Other options include formatting your eta time (seconds only, minutes only, or minutes and seconds) and showing the full name rather than the short-hand. I’ve even attempted to match the formatting of the default modules, for better looking integration.

    The data was taken from the MBTA api, so this is only as accurate as their stuff :^). Note that their API limits a single type of request to 1 per 10 seconds, so unfortunately I can’t implement more than one station.

    I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions (please make an issue on github; I’m on there more often!). I’m new to the developer scene, so any and all are appreciated!

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