22'' Display + 40cmx50cm IKEA Frame + PIR Sensor

  • Frame
    Just two IKEA RIBBA glued back to back. You can use the included glass to use some film on it and the back to “close” the back and hang the frame.
    I tried to do my own frame, but I suck at that…


    Just some custom CSS to make everything a little bigger and some transform: scale(1.5)
    to make the clock & weather modules bigger

    PIR Sensor
    The PIR sensor is “hidden” in the right bottom corner. Not the best place, but is so useful than I can really complain. When the screen turns on when you are near is when this MagicMirror feels like magic :)
    I got this one and I am using MagicMirror-Display-Controller to control it.

  • Looks really good. Thinking about using the same ikea frame.
    Did you use some film on the glass or did you end up buying a one way mirror?

  • I used a film and the glass included with the frame, as I didn’t want to go crazy for my first magic mirror, but as soon as I get another display ( a good one) I will order a proper two way mirror and make another one using the same frame (super easy to do and quite cheap)

  • You are the genius!! I considered IKEA RIBBA, but I gave up the idea because the depth was not enough. How can you find “Back-to-Back” solution! I should have read this article 1 weeks before.

  • @Sean Well, to be honest, my wife deserves all the credit: I was desperate after 2 weeks of trying to do my own frame, including butchering 3 RiBBAs (just to get the glass) and my wife just said: hey, you already have two unused frames, why you just don’t glue them back to back? MIND BLOWN

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