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    With MMM-Wunderlist you can add one or more widgets to your mirror displaying as many different todo-lists from Wunderlist as you like. Of course you are not limited to one list per widget, since the module can combine them for you.


    If you have any questions or requests for future versions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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    For troubleshooting or HOWTO questions, please post in the Troubleshooting thread:

  • Hello !
    First, I love your module, I use it all the time !
    But, can you add something like a tick case or anything like that because my MM have a touch screen and it will be more convenient.
    PS : sorry for my bad english, I’m a froggy guy ^^

  • This module works great and is really helpful, thank you. I do have one question. Is there any way to add the due dates to show up? I have tried messing around with it an old not figure it out. Thanks again.

  • @killerwaffles

    I use that possibility with a seperate list. I got two Task list which I share with my room mate: One for “Todo”, single point without a date, and a second one for appointments. This one I’ve included in the calendar and not in the to do list, so we dispatch our “Todos” in the correct list and have shown it up there.

    But my problem is: Wunderlist does not provide the time to the calendar. Every “appointment” is “Tomorrow at 0:00” - which is pretty annoying. I actually hosted a Radicale Server and created few calendars, than its not a problem - So I believe its an issue on wunderlist :(.

  • @paviro
    thanks a lot for your work, the module is working fine, strawberry helped me to make it run.
    Great job

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