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  • Is there an possibility to make an module for pushbullet?

  • what’s pushbullet?

  • Pushbullet can show your notifications on other devices ( i think there is an api but my knowledge is not very good about API’s

    When someone thinks it can work i will try to start and start to learn something about it.

    Their API looks pretty good… What do you want to achieve? Just show the the notifications?

  • I would like to see notifications on my mirror, so i can see why telephone is ringing when i’m not with my phone etc.

  • Moderator

    I have a question you may or may not have thought about @Wilco89: what happens if you aren’t looking at the mirror when you get a notification? And if you plan on having the notification sit on screen till you dismiss it, how do you plan on doing that?

    Alerts and notifications are great, if you are there to see them. But once they timeout, they disappear and you never saw it. Or are you including a button of sorts to dismiss notifications?

  • Admin

    You could use the default notification module 🙂 but it’s true right now there is no way to check missed ones should probably be added to the default one as well somehow 🙂

  • Moderator

    Now, a touch screen, that would be fun to use and dismiss things, or move modules around or … or … or … ok, my head’s going to explode if I keep thinking about this. Too many ideas, so little time (or none at all.)

  • Fiets off All i’m gonna use 2 modules of @paviro the pir sensor (when it is working) so no movement no display, and i’m gonna use facial reg. So only i will see my notifications.

    When i’m away the notifications can disapear because i will see them on my phone. But when i’m in front of the mirror doing my Hair. i will got really dirty hands so when a notifications will pop up i can see if it is important. That is option 1.

    Or a module with a button so you can swipe or Push them away. Maybe is the swipe module useable for that?

  • Moderator

    So I have this image of you standing in front of your mirror and a notification shows up … I have an idea for dismissing them: install a kick button. So you can just kick it. Works great when you get a not-so-friendly notification. 🙂

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