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Magic mirror. Hold the mirror

  • Anyone using Magic mirror as purely a dashboard.

    I have a touch screen monitor laying about id really like to use and it occurs to me that I don’t really care about have a mirror. Except the Kewl factor.

    But more importantly that the magic mirrors software should more than cover my needs for a dashboard software.

    Been trying to find right solution for ages.

    Usual modules. Plus Bitcoin price miner info.
    Raspberry Pi weather station info.
    Home automation status’s etc etc.

  • Moderator

    I have a 27" monitor (rotated vertical) on my desk that has MM running on it. It’s my development rig. No mirror, really, I don’t need to be staring at my face the whole time. So that aspect is obviously doable.

    As for having the other information, Bitcoin, weather, others, those are all things that can be integrated, so long as you have the software written for it to interface with MM’s module mechanism. Anything’s possible.

    As for the touch screen part, that’s between the monitor and the Raspberry Pi. MM (or any other software you run) doesn’t have anything to do with that part. So your first point to research is how to make the touchscreen work on the rpi. Are there drivers for it? How does it interface, etc., etc. But more importantly, have you tried just plugging it in, see if it doesn’t “just work” already?

  • @KirAsh4

    Hmmmm good point. I’ve been preoccupied with the software side never thought to check if the touch monitor actually works with the Pi. It’s branded a dell monitor. Will give it a go in the next hour or so

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