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Microsoft Outlook

  • Has anyone ever interfaced the mirror to a local PC with Microsoft Outlook. I go through a lot of conference calls and it would be nice to see them on the mirror.

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    I don’t think Outlook exposes anything that one could hook into, however it might be possible to use the same IMAP/POP3 connection to fetch the data just like Outlook would. I use GMail and I have all my calls, in- and outbound, recorded on my calendar automatically. However due to the large volume of calls I get/make during a 24 hour period, if I were to actually display them on my calendar, I’d lose everything else in the mess. 🙂

  • @KirAsh4 good point. sort of like ‘Less is more’. I’ve seen where Outlook Calendar can be manually exported. I’ll keep looking, but you may be right about too many may clutter up the mirror. As Always, thanks for your help.

  • Is your outlook hooked up to a company Exchange server? If so you might be able to publish your calendar out of exchange. That is what I am doing for my meeting events.

    Unfortunately a lot of companies do not allow this, or they lock it down so you can’t publish to the internet.

  • @pugsly we have a corporate Outlook Calendar, but I was trying to do it locally because I didn’t want to expose my mirror to the internet.

  • You can still do it, from within outlook web access and publish your calendar. It will make an ICS file on the exchange server but you would need to copy the file weekly or something and put it locally on the pi.

    Something like this, not sure what version of Exchange your running but its basically the same from 2010, and 2013. It will give you the link to the ICS file. Again, this is all for not if your exchange admins don’t allow calendar publishing, but it should work inside your office regardless.

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    No doubt having an email info window would be awesome Microsoft isn’t developer friendly…

    Why not just a module you can enter your info into and see your email that way? I know there’s one here…

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