MagicMirror² v2.4.1 is available! For more information about this release, check out this topic.
Please read the release notes carefully since this update requires adjustments to your Raspberry Pi configuration!

Windows 10 IoT MagicMirror (24-inch frame less)

  • My first 400x600mm magic mirror (24" screen) is now finished!

    I decided to develope the mirror with Windows 10 IoT and a Raspberry.
    It’s all self-coded as an UWP-App for the Raspberry Pi 2.

    Software features: (Running on a Windows 10 IoT)

    • Weather Conditions live from Weatherunderground via API
    • Weather Forecast for the next 3 days from Weatherunderground API
    • Calendar Items over Google Calendar (there is no API available for UWP so i had to call it via REST and OAUTH)
    • Calcultes the needed time to drive to the calendar event (live traffic jam and public transportation delays - GoogleMaps API)
    • Station-List for the next public-transportation connections outbound the near train station (not visible in this picture)
    • Of course the actual time (switchable to an analog-clock)
    • Actual News over an RSS-Feed
    • Flightradar binding, which is showing the nearby aircrafts
    • World time with some important time-zones

    Hardware components:

    • 24-inch HP monitor without frame
    • Raspberry Pi 2
    • TP-LINK Pocket AP Router TLWR802N (WiFi to Ethernet for better range)
    • 433 MHz relay to switch the mirror on and off with a remote control
    • 400*600mm 4mm 20% Mirror from Glas-Trösch (Switzerland)

    Electrical wiring:

    Mounted screen:

    Final device:

  • Moderator

    Nice job, looks really cool. I’d love some more pictures of the final product, especially since you developed your own system.

  • @techadi Looks awesome!! Congrats!