Worldclock & Currency

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    Hi, there.

    I’m building my MM for my holiday-work. It was very interesting experience. Thanks to all community and contributors.

    Anyway, I’ve found very simple-but-essential-and-useful modules are missed.
    Those are ‘world clock’ and ‘currency’.
    I’m a sojourning employee at the Frankfurt office from Seoul HQ. And I should work with several global branches in the world. So I need customizable world clocks (two or more), and currency tables.(eg. USD to EUR, EUR to JPY… )

    How do you think about these?

  • Moderator

    You could try this one for currencies:

    I did not try this module for some time, so please report back if you find any issues.

  • Module Developer

    @yawns Thanks for your reply. I will try tonight.
    However, It could support multiple currencies at once?
    As I read the instruction, it supports From ONE base currency to several currencies.
    eg. EUR -> GBP, EUR->USD could be together, but I doubt KRW->JPY doesn’t work in one module because there is fixed ‘base’ currency.
    In this case, Should I use one more module for KRW base besides EUR base display?
    (I don’t care for that. Just want to know how to use.)

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    @Sean Yeah, you could always use another instance for more bases, no problem with that…

  • Moderator

    In fact there were some feature requests in the past, but I am more than busy with building our house and training our dog to pass an important test (which drastically reduces dog taxes).
    It would be no big deal to add several bases and currencies you would like to see with this base. By September I should have more time.
    Until then you can simply add the module several times with different bases.

  • Module Developer

    Thanks for everyone.
    CurrencyExchange module works as good as my thought. thanks again.

    I made my first MM module for world clock by myself.

    It was also my first JS programming and even my first GIT usage. hahahaha. 😃
    Very interesting experience.

  • Moderator

    Glad to hear you like the module 🙂