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MM2 on my own web server

  • Hi guys,

    now I’m using MM1 on my own web server without any problem. I’m trying to run MM2 on my server too, but there is only blank page.

    Config is copied and set I hope correctly.

    Thank you for advice.


  • Moderator

    A whole lot of information is missing here … let’s start with the disclaimer:

    “Running MagicMirror² on anything other than the supported hardware (Raspberry Pi 2 or 3) is not supported. If you choose to run it on hardware other than that, you are going to have to figure things out on your own.”

    That said, it is possible, and also rather easy to do. But there’s a lot here we don’t know:

    1. what server, what is it running for operating system?
    2. what have you done, step-by-step, speciffically (don’t just say ‘I installed MM²’ because that doesn’t help)?
    3. how are you attempting to launch MM²?
    4. how are you attempting to view MM²?
    5. have you checked your screen output, or logs?

  • @KirAsh4

    Hi, thank you for reply. So my MM1 is working on, so I hope, that MM2 will working too.

    1. Linux with Apache.
    2. I’ve just copied all files to FTP and edited config.
    3. Same as MM1, as a web page, and Raspberry after boot open Chromium with this web page.
    4. My mirror is finishedången/6
    5. Yes, there are some js error, but I don’t know how to fix them. alt text

  • Moderator

    MM² does not need a web server, it’s built in. You need to run it as a 'serveronly' setup though. This is what I did on my unix servers (I have one at the office, and one at home, plus two rpis, all running MM²):

    Except for the very first step, all commands should be executed as an unprivileged user. First command needs to be performed as root, or equivalent system user.

    • Make sure node.js it up to date with at least version 6.0.0
    • Clone the Github repository (find instructions on manual install here
    • cd into the MagicMirror folder and run 'npm install'
    • Check/Edit the config/config.js file to match your configuration, specifically the port
    • run node serveronly
    • open web browser (anywhere on the network) and visit http://: (for example

    Done. As I said, MM² does not require a web server for it to work, it’s built into node.

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