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Building the Frame

  • Module Developer


    Does anyone have any tutorials or diagrams for how they built their frame, along with how to fix the glass/monitor?

    I’m coming to the build phase now, so I’m struggling to picture how I would do this.


  • Moderator

    My recommendation is to contact a local frame shop, like picture frames. Not only do they often have scrap material that you can have for free, or for dirt cheap, but they can also help you build a frame, or give you pointers on how to do that.

  • @Mitchfarino

    Exactly same situation. Sorting out software side first but have a 40" tv I’m planning on using now and starting to think about the frame and mirror.

    Got two samples of mirror today to test. One lets a lot of light and colour thru but isn’t very mirror’ie. The other doesn’t let colour thru but still looks Kewl. And looks good enough for normal mirror.

    Frame I thought about metal. Had a google on making frames. Or buying a pre made aluminium tv frame which they make for displays etc.

    Thinking now I’m either gonna use flat bits of wood. Or cornice gyprock type moulding to make straight picture frame. Then mount the tv to that.

    So no glueing of glass/mirror.

    It will go.

    Picture/large painting frame
    Some sort of bracket to hold tv
    Tv to wall mount

    I could be way off and I’m sure there’s a heap of ways to do this but this is my latest plan (changes by the hour lol)

    Love to hear what others are thinking.

    Also check out the my build thread. It’s great to see what others have done.

  • Module Developer

    @Phate I’ve drawn my idea on the back of a scrap of paper, my dad is gonna draw it up for me

    Once I’ve got it, I’ll share it here

  • Module Developer

    The housing for the monitor and Pi is now done.

    How did you guys go about mounting it to your wall?


    Once my glass arrives I just need to fix the front and secure the monitor.

  • Moderator

    How are you going to mount the mirror to the housing? With some kind of glue? Or are you going to build a frame which holds the mirror glas (like a picture frame) ?

  • Module Developer

    @yawns Yeah, the glass will sit on top of the monitor and the front frame will hold it in to place

    I’ll then add wood, behind and below the monitor to hold it in place

  • Project Sponsor

    @Mitchfarino I did something similar with my mirror. I ended up routing a channel in two pieces that spanned in the interior of the box. The monitor edges fit in the channel and a couple of corner brackets secured each piece to the interior of the box. If you weren’t too concerned with visible screws on the outside of your box, you could skip the corner brackets for driving screws into the monitor supports from the outside.

    Monitor braces with channels

  • Module Developer

    @bhepler how did you fix that to wall?

    I’m struggling to see how you did it from that pic

  • Project Sponsor

    @Mitchfarino Heh. Well, that pic was just for holding the monitor in place. I used a french cleat to mount the mirror on the wall. One piece screws into the wall, the other screws into the edge of the box. You can make one fairly simply or just buy one from a hardware store.

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