MagicMirror² v2.8.0 is available! For more information about this release, check out this topic.


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    @cyberphox OH I see the problem! The file name is WAS.svg not Was.svg (Notice the difference in case). That should be an easy fix to simply force uppercase. Will publish a fix tonight.

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    @cyberphox OK this should be fixed now. Do a git pull and let me know if it’s resolved for you.

  • How the heck did I not see this myself? I seriously even checked the first let to see if it was a capital issue…should’ve kept going! lol

    Seems fixed! Thanks man!

  • Happy New Year all!

    I am not seeing NHL scores now. Actually, I only have one team that I am trying to follow (Tampa Bay Lightning) and that score is failing to pop up in the Scoreboard now. I did do a git pull a week ago, but my results are the same. Am I missing something?

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    @achilles I messed up with the commits and in my attempt to fix it, I might have left all installs in an odd state, where a git pull doesn’t seem to work. Please delete the module directory and reinstall to get the latest code. Hopefully that will fix your issue. Give it a shot and post back letting me know if it worked.

  • @j-e-f-f Thanks!

    That did the trick! Much appreciated for the help!

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    @achilles Glad you got it working. Also, Tampa Bay BOOOOOO!!!

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    Hey folks. I know I haven’t paid much attention to this module over the last little bit, but with the move to the UK my kids are all into Soccer now (or Football, as everyone continues to correct me!). They’ve demanded I add Arsenal and FC Barcelona to my mirror.

    So I’ve released a new update and it’s a big one. This builds on the work that was done on the add_more_soccer branch. But instead of supporting a handlful of soccer leagues, my module now supports ALL of the soccer leagues that ESPN’s API feed provides.


    To anyone currently using the add_more_soccer branch note that your configs won’t work as-is any more. Given that I’ve added support for more than 100 leagues and competitions, I’ve needed to come up with a more meaningful naming scheme. Please see the README for the new list of leagues supported.

    Also, if a git pull does not get you the latest source code, then you might need to remove the module altogether and reinstall it from scratch. A while back I messed up a couple of commits and it might have left some installs in an unlinked state. Reinstalling from source gets you past that moment in time, and everything should work as normal after that.


    • Jeff

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    This makes me so happy!!! Cannot wait to check it out and move away from my forked code. Welcome to the world of football!!

  • I got this up and running but with NCAA Mens basketball I am struggling to limit the games shown. I have tried changing the group to “Big 12” or “Top 25” but still get everygame, so the module covers the whole left side of my mirror. What am I missing? This is a fresh installation. I just set up my mirror a few days ago.

    		  module: "MMM-MyScoreboard",
    		  position: "bottom_left",
    		  classes: "default everyone",
    		  header: "My Scoreboard",
    		  config: {
    		    showLeagueSeparators: true,
    		    colored: true,
    		    viewStyle: "mediumLogos",
    		    sports: [
    		        league: "NHL",
    		        groups: ["Atlantic"]
    		        league: "NBA",
    		        league: "MLB",
    		        league: "NFL",
    		        league: "NCAAM",
    		        Groups: ["Big 12"]