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MIRASTAR 6mm Mirror : a good choice ?

  • I found this type of mirror : MIRASTAR

    Do you have expérience and advice ?


    Product information
    Technical information
    In principle, the coating of SGG MIRASTAR can be thermally toughened*, even on the pulley roll side. Chromium mirror glass can therefore be converted to toughened glass, giving it a huge advantage over conventional silvered mirrors!
    Wet treatment and surface processing (grinding, drilling, engraving or screen printing) are possible as well as its fabrication to laminated safety glass.
    The coatings are applied using a magnetron process. Their scratch resistance and hardness are however equivalent to pyrolytic hard coatings.
    The glass has passed the following tests:
    Taber test
    Erichsen test
    Condensation resistance
    Acid water resistance
    Resistance to neutral salt spray
    Reflectance: coating side: ≥ 58 %**
    Transmission: 3 %**

    • Radiation and convection heaters are suitable for these applications. Please contact the manufacturers of SGG MIRASTAR.
      ** +/- 1 %
      Please ensure that SGG MIRASTAR is only used for its intended purpose. In case of doubt please contact the manufacturer directly.

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