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MMM-Remote-Control is disabling MMM-scrobbler?

  • When I’m using the Remote Control module, after a little while it will automatically turn off my MMM-Scrobbler (connected to Spotify) module. Rebooting doesn’t fix anything. Disabling the Remote module will restore the Scrobbler.

    This has happened twice now; I fixed it the first time by just completely re-installing the Remote module, but now it’s persistently happening. Does anyone know what might be causing this?

  • @malicious_banjo I’ve experienced a somewhat similar issue after sending a command via RemoteControl. Somehow, this command got stuck in the networking queue or whatever and was received periodically again and again.
    If you didn’t send any command before, then this is surely something different.
    (If you sent a command to disable other modules than Scrobbler, it may still be the same issue, if you also mess with the order of modules by for example deleting modules)

  • Moderator

    @malicious_banjo Have you used the Hide/Show functionality of the remote control module? Please try deleting settings.json in the remote control module directory. Do you have other modules hiding and showing modules, such as ProfileSwitcher or FaceRecognition?

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