MMM-GrafanaCharts and MMM-GrafanaGauges: Display you data with Charts and Gauges. Beautifully.

  • Description:

    Two little modules for the Magic Mirror to include beautiful graphics generated with grafana.


    It’s for your graphs! The data that’s currently displayed on my mirror using the MMM-GrafanaCharts is a weather forecast for the next two days.
    If you’re interested in building you own weather chart, check out my blog post Programming your personal weather chart.


    Gauges are extremely helpful to monitor individual values ​​and their deviations from the nominal value. With the MMM-GrafanaGauges vital values of my plants are displayed on the mirror.




    with graph behind

    alt text


    MMM-GrafanaChart- Version 1

    • Initial release
    • Showing charts provided by grafana

    MMM-GrafanaGauges- Version 1

    • Initial release
    • Showing gauges in a row provided by grafana

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