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Prefacing birthdays in calendar.

  • I tried, it did not work, but that’s most likely because of something I did or didn’t do.

    I added it to the custom.css if that’s not right, let me know.

    Alternatively, is there a way to preface an calendar item with something (or after it for that matter)

    i.e. Bob Jones and add 's birthday (Bob Jones’s birthday)

    or BDAY - Bob Jones

    Is this possible?

    Note from Admin: To keep the original post on-topic, I moved your question to a separate post …

  • Admin

    @bscarano Well, that’s what Facebook does by default. MagicMirror² filters that out. You can change this behavior, by overwriting the titleReplace property. Setting this to titleReplace:{} should disable the feature. See:

  • Got it. OK. I left it as is and per your note, changed the icons which works well.

    Now if I can figure out the color thing, it will be “magic”.


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