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    • Ever wonder just how often mankind is launching things into space? Once a year? Twice?

    • Wrong! On a daily basis. Often, several times a day! Don’t believe it? Neither did I.

    How it works

    Every 30 seconds, MMM-Launch will tell you the upcoming dates, launch sites,
    the spacecraft, who is launching, the missions, the agencies responsible for
    each launch, pictures of the spacecraft and a full description of each mission.


    • Pictures without full description. Config option.

    0_1501031093429_1.JPG . 0_1501031163470_2.JPG

    0_1501031186612_4.JPG . 0_1501031203341_3.JPG

    • Annotated .css file included for aligning and coloring text and image sizing.


    Version 1.0.0

  • Module Developer

    I hadn’t noticed that the API was deprecated for this module. Another user was kind enough to bring it to my attention and yet another user was kind enough to issue a PR that I merged immediately. So, to those millions of people using this module, it is now functional once again.

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