Default Calendar adjustment

  • Hello,
    first of all thanks to all who are involved here, I am impressed. With the help of the forum I have build a MM and installed the software as noob. But I can read English better than write, so I apologize that I use the help of google to post here. 😉

    A question about the default calendar module. How can I display a relative date without the word “um” (in english “at”)? Someone has an idea?



  • Hi Dirk,

    is it the standard calender module?
    where does you source come from? Where do you get this information from?
    I am also interested in a module like this and could look into it aswell.

    Ist das das Standard Kalender Modul? Wo ist deine Quelle?
    Wäre auch an dem Modul interessiert und könnte es mir dann genauer anschauen

  • Hello barnosch,
    it is the default calendar module from MagicMirror.


  • Core Contributors

    @surger13 That part is controller by moment.js. It’s not possible configurated. Only way to make this is change the source code of calendar.js in the module directory.