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Thomas MagicMirror with two screens. 55x83cm

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    So I just finished my first build.
    A 55x83cm MagicMirror with two 23" displays and two Raspberry PI.

    The whole project took me about 1 week to fix and cost me about 3200 SEK (About 393 USD)
    The build is pretty basic and do not use many modules, wanted to keep it clean.

    Here’s how I built it:
    First the frame. I used one 90mm X 2500mm and one 20mm X 2500mm plank. Glued them together and then started sawing them in a 45 degree angle. (45+45=90 degree angle)
    Then used glue to bring them together.

    After that I started working with the glass. I used a mirror film I got from:
    Using some soap and water the film mounted really good.

    Then off to install MM and some modules on my two RPI. Since I wanted to keep it as clean as possible I only used: RSS feed, Compliments, Clock, Current weather and Sonos. This is the result

    I prepared two 23" screens that I got from a preowned store near where I live. Took them apart and mounted the circuit board to some thin plastic. I then used some velcro to mount everything to the back of the screens.

    Now to the fun part! The actual building. I started with placing the mirror glass inside the frame and glued it with some “apoxy glue”. Then started to place the screens.

    I used some black paper to prevent any light to get through. Then I used some small planks that I drilled in place to get the screens to stay in place and also make the frame stronger.

    All done now the only thing left is to put in the RPI and all the cables.
    1 C12 splitter Cable
    1 DVI to HDMI Cable
    1 VGA cable
    1 HDMI to VGA Converter
    2 RPI
    1 power strip with 3 outlets
    2 Micro USB cables
    1 USB outlet with 2.1a
    And last but not least a Elegato EVE.
    I use the EVE to control my mirror with Apple HomeKit by saying “mirror on” etc.
    With everything in place this is the result.

    Now off to some painting. Built two at the same time so one was painted black and one white.

    After that the MagicMirror was done. I mounted it to the wall and said to Siri “mirror on”. This was the result in the end.

    Oh yeah and I named the mirror to “Svetlana” lol.

    Hope you have enjoyed!
    Happy to answer your questions.


  • Nice to see a fellow Swede on here! 🙂

    The build looks good, I’m currently sketching my mirror frame to know what to buy and it looks somewhat like your build. Seems like you used a regular baseboard with a smaller rounded board on the top inside?

    Also, how do you like the mirror from mdpsupplies and how much did you pay for it? Been looking for ages on what mirror to buy but haven’t found that much here in Sweden, mostly from the UK and Germany.

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    Looking good! Nice work! Another swede here. 🙂

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    @grillchips didn’t quite get the first question…

    The film from mdpsupplies was good. better than expected. I ordered 5 meters for about 230 SEK if i remember right. in the end i only used about 2,5 meters… lol

    After having the mirror for a couple of weeks i’ve decided to do some changes to it…
    Since i use a mirror film the “mirror” do not get as clear as a regular mirror does. and also you have these small small small marks om the film from dust and stuff. IMPOSSIBLE to apply without this.
    When i applied the film i was in a bathroom with the shower on so all the dust droped to the floor. Still not perfect and thats why i’m going to do this:

    I was talking to a local glass shop here in town and they showed me a mirror glass that had a little transparency just enough to get a screens light to show up. my plan is to switch out the current glass with this mirror insted.
    The new mirror glass would cost me about 400 SEK.

    I will update this post when it’s done.

  • Nevermind my rambling earlier. 🙂

    Looks good tho! 400 SEK for the mirror sounds like a bargain, hope I get something similar when I visit my glass shop. Do you know how thick the glass will be?

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