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What 24" monitor to choose ?

  • Hi,

    I would like some advices about the choice of the monitor. I think 24" will be good, but I don’t know what model to choose.

    Do you have any ideas ? Under 200€ will be very good !

    Thanks 🙂

    ps : sorry if my english is not so good 😉

  • Module Developer

    Well, that is based on what points you consider.
    Usually, every normal LCD monitor could be used for MM. There is no problem. It probably supports HDMI and it might have USB for your RPi or not.

    Anyway, better contrast ratio could be the main point of your consideration.(and even power consumption, the thickness…) But the real quality of MagicMirror more depends on which type of mirror you use. I think some good mirrors are more expensive than your monitor and they are hard to get.

  • Module Developer

    And my suggestion is here.
    You’d better use LCD panel not LCD monitor itself. LCD monitor housed is very thick so your mirror will be thicker and heavier.
    If you have a plan for purchasing new LCD monitor, LCD panel could be the better option.

    You can purchase 23~24" LCD panel in Amazon, ebay or any other repairment shop nearby. under $100 or $150 you can get one. and $20~30 for the controller.

    Trust me. To assemble parts is easier than to disassemble factory-made monitor.

  • Thanks, I will look for just the panel and the controller.

    Otherwise, I found this :

    What do you think ?

  • Module Developer

    @iamoric As I’ve said, any LCD is ok. MagicMirror is not your luxury furniture. Even if, the quality comes from the mirror and the frame, not the monitor. 🙂

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