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NOOB requesting some help...

  • So I got everything running fine. I can enter config/config.js. My question is probably quite simple. How do I edit the “default” modules, or any of them for that matter. In config/config.js it just says what module it is and where its located. But no way to enter that specific config file that I know of. I know there are many variables and configurations that can be changed, just don’t know how to get into the module to change it.
    I was able to change the weather API key and location, but that was in the main /magicmirror/config/config.js file. I tried /magicmirror/modules/ but after running ls theres no “clock” module I can enter config into. I’m sure its something easy. But I’m a supernoob with this. Thanks!

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @TaylorTech22 all config has to go into the same file as you put the api key

    when you open that file and the only change was the api key, then you will find the clock module in there as well. If not you can add it manually

      module: 'clock',
      position: 'top_right',
      config: {
        //config options go here

  • inside the modules dir there is a “default” dir. 😉

    that is where they are all at.

  • Module Developer

    in ‘MM’, configuration of all modules exists in just one file, config/config.js. You should put all the configs of modules into that file.

  • @strawberry-3.141 I entered the API key into the weather module. Is there a different place to add it so it effects all modules?

  • @strawberry-3.141 so if I want to change timezone or any other config, I need to write my own script for that particular config and place it in the master config/config.js file. I think I get it now. Thank you. Now let’s just hope I don’t get too many errors.

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