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[Facial Recognition] Recognizes name but does't load modules

  • Hi,

    I’m trying to install the Facial Recognition module from @paviro, but I have some problem with it.
    The facial recognition works well, I can see in the console some messages like

    User iamoric with confidence xxxx logged in

    The problem is that the modules aren’t loaded, nothing change on the mirror

    My config is the following :

    	module: 'MMM-Facial-Recognition',
    	config: {
                    recognitionAlgorithm: 1,
    		lbphThreshold: 50,
    		fisherThreshold: 250,
    		eigenThreshold: 3000,
    	        useUSBCam: false,
    		trainingFile: 'modules/MMM-Facial-Recognition/training.xml',
    		interval: 2,
    		logoutDelay: 15,
    		users: ['iamoric'],
    		defaultClass: 'default',
    		everyoneClass: 'everyone',
    		welcomeMessage: true

    and for example :

    	module: 'clock',
            position: top-center,
            classes: 'default everyone'
    	module: 'compliments',
            position: lower_third,
            classes: 'iamoric'

    The clock is displayed correctly, but the compliments’ module isn’t displayed.

    What am i doing wrong?

    Thanks for your help

  • Module Developer

    @iamoric I didn’t use those modules. But as I know, you need to use ProfileSwitcher for changing profiles.
    FacialRecognition is just for detecting user, changing profile is job of ProfileSwithcer, I guess…

    Ignore me. I was wrong. FacialRecognition has show-and-hide itself.

  • No one to help me ?

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