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MM in refrigerator door

  • So i tackled my first MM and was a huge success aside from giving up on getting alexapi to work. and i have now a burning desire to put a Pi with a small touch screen in my fridge. yes you heard me in my fridge no no no not inside it but on the outside of the door similar to that Samsung fridge thats out.

    My plan is to install it in the door by cutting out and recessing it in running all wires inside the door itself. I was thinking on running the MM program on it but id also want to be able to bring up recipes and play music onto a external speaker maybe. its asking a lot considering the extent i know how to program is sudo apt-get… but i am looking forward to it. has anyone attempted anything such as this?

  • Module Developer

    For something like this, wouldn’t it be easier to affix a cheap android tablet to the fridge door.

  • Hi, I have this idea about one year ago. I brainstorming my thinking on a paper and search the internet for more details, tips and tricks and same projects. I found some othe but nothing perfekt for me. So I decide to code it by myself. I think I like to use the same structure that mm use. for my project. Because I didn´t have a lot of codeing experince i ask in this forum. But till now nobody can help me. I think its a great idea and and a great project. But at this time its only draw on paper by myself 😞

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