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Screen's Brightness Pisses Me Off

  • hello everyone,

    I have attempted to make my own magic mirror so far everything looks good except that the screen behind the mirror looks really ridiculous, even thought I have already set up the brightness settings to the lowest. I’m using a laptop screen powered with a controller board. I’m not sure what should I do to fix this, any recommendations?


  • Have you installed MMM-remote-control ? That has an integrated slider that lets you control brightness, I definitely needed it for my mirror’s brightness

  • What mirror are using? Especially the transmission seem quite high

  • Module Developer

    @Wahbi What is the exact problem? your comments are some ambiguous.
    Ist that blue(?) background, not your intention? You’d better control not only brightness but also contrast. set brightness around 50%, and raise the contrast over 50%. It might be a solution.

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    Backlight is an issue with almost all LCD screens, this can be remedied by either a mirror with less light transmission (this will effectively dampen all light, even the parts you want to show.) or switch the monitor to a better one with a higher contrast, LED is usually better than CCFL when it comes to bleed through of the backlight. If you have a lot of money OLED is the shizzle, but it’s almost impossible to find in monitor sizes.

  • @schlachtkreuzer6 tbs I got really a cheap one next door, I already have orderd a better one from ebay. hope it would make a difference. other than that the issue could be from the lcd I’m using

  • @davidnesbitt7 I haven’t heared of MMM-remote-control before, looks really useful. thanks for the heads up, I definitely gonna try it out.

  • @broberg I already have ordered a new mirror with 15% light transmission, not sure if that’s good enough. I’m also afraid that issue from the backlight, because the lcd’s backlight was broken and I manged to find someone to get it fixed for me.

  • @Sean the background isn’t blue, it’s black. possibly that the angle of the photo I took makes look like blue. I already have tried to set the brightness and the contrast both to 50% still same thing. but it’s possible that the type of the mirror I’m using really sucks. that’s why I ordered another one

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