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Calendar modification

  • Sorry if I shouldn’t put this here, but I wanted to show a quick tutorial to link up a google calendar to your mirror. So, here it is…

    How to link up a google calendar account

    1. Access google calendars and go to settings

    2. At the top go to the Calendars tab

    3. Select the calendar with your google name on it

    4. On the new page find the Calendar Address tab

    5. Click on ICAL to the right

    6. Copy the link
      7.Find your Config.js file under /MagicMirror/config

    7. Scroll down to your calendar module or make a new calendar module by copying and pasting the old module or making changes to the current calendar module

    8. Side note: the modules will display in the order you put them in so whatever module you want displayed first will have to go before the other calendar modules

    9. Input the link and make your new module look like this
      module: ‘calendar’,
      header: ‘Personal Calender’,
      position: ‘top_left’,
      config: {
      calendars: [
      symbol: 'calendar-check-o ',
      url: ‘insert link here’

    10. Then save and exit and now you have a google calendar linked to your mirror

    Again a small side not make sure that the spacing is correct else you might make an irreparable error. But, as always make a copy of the config before you change it. Hope you guys have fun with this.

  • Admin

    Thank you very much! Maybe you can add it to the Wiki on github?

  • Where do I go to do that?

  • Admin

  • @MichMich I tried the link and I just get an 404 error. If you would be so kind as to look into this or if you just want put it on the wiki yourself I’m fine with that.

  • Moderator

    Link works for me … unless something changed between when you posted your response and now …

  • attention!
    this works only if the calendar is shared to public!

  • Moderator

    @garnett, both public and private Google calendars work. I have both displayed on mine.

  • @KirAsh4
    uh yes, sorry! thats right. i was confused by the message from the google calendar.

    works with private and public 😉

  • Can somebody please post their config file with the maximumNumberOfDays line inserted. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but everytime I try to adjust this I crash my config file. Everything else is working perfect.


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