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Complete noob

  • I want to make my mom a magic mirror but idk how to do modules to save my life it is very tricky and all i have is the app and it doesnt even display holisays lr birthdays what do i do im so lost

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    Well first thing you do is take a deep breath… 😉

    Second take some time and read through the forum here. There are step by step instructions and enough how to’s to get you rolling quicker then you think.

    IF you run into an issues just google the issue one at a time and the answers are out there… trust me, I was once new too now I can set this up in about 30 minutes… I’m talking from installing the OS to installing the mirror…

    You’ll see in no time you’ll be good at it! 🙂

  • That doesnt help much sorry

    Im unsure how to even add modules or anything as it does nothing now

    P.S. im starting with android mirror since the rasp pi would be to hard to do

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    This post is deleted!

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