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  • I was wondering if anyone has thought about putting in a retropi install on the mirror itself.
    with all this craze of the SNES Classic. I’d love to know if its possible to throw some classic games on with a wireless controller.

    I have my mirror set up in the waiting room of my office. Would be nice to have the people waiting in the room to grab a controller and play some mario.

    Thank you!

  • Why going trough a MM installation?
    Just buy a SNES Mini Classic (if you can still get one) and put a normal TFT behind a 2way mirror.

    Or if you you want to keep the normal mirror -> buy a bigger 2way mirror and put both monitors behind it 😉

  • I was thinking I’d be pretty slick if it was in like a iframe type thing.

    The mirrors made already… or else the two screen idea is pretty good.

    Is there a way to have On screen buttons on the MM to boot up apps?

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    @bincorp I’m not sure how well this would work. Neither RetroPie nor the game emulators work in an HTML interface – an iframe probably wouldn’t work for this. But you might be able to get this to work full screen, with some kind of reaction to a button press.

    From what I understand about the RetroPie image, however, is I don’t think it works with the Raspbian desktop enabled. I believe it runs from the command line with it’s own UI. You would likely have to have some kind of script to stop MM and Pixel Desktop, then start RetroPie and EmulationStation, then another to reverse that process when you exit RetroPie.

    You might want to spend some time in the RetroPie forum and ask some questions there.

  • I just put another pi behind my screen, and change the input to HDMI 2 … Since the screen is vertical, pacman and galaga work well

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    @onetwankyfive Does your screen support picture-in-picture? If so, you could superimpose HDMI 2 over the MagicMirror’s display. This way you could create a similar affect that you were trying to do with the iFrame solution.

  • I think most TV’s don’t support PiP with 2 HDMI sources… its gotta be like a component and HDMI or tuner and HDMI… I like it full screen anyways

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