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Viewing Mirror through browser on network

  • If you have the mirror installed and is running on a network, should I not be able to pull up IP:8080 to view it on a separate browser?

    We’re putting a lot of useful information in the MM and i can see a use to be able to bring it up on an ipad or on my computer in the basement from time to time. I’ve tried IP:8080 but the screen just comes up black while the services are running. If they aren’t running it just says “this site can’t be reached”. So its recognizing there is something there at least…

    Any ideas? Or can someone please explain why this wont work? Thanks,

  • You should be able to access it from other computers. Make sure that you’re using the RPI’s current ipaddress.

  • Seems chrome just doesn’t like it. Works fine (for the most part)in IE. Thanks 🙂

    not sure what the NULL on every module is though, it doesn’t appear when directly plugged into the pi, only when viewing remotely.

    edit: added screenshot

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    this should be fixed with version 2.0.3 try git pull and see if it is fixed

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