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MMM-NextGameWithPlayers - Displays all players for the next game

  • MMM-NextGameWithPlayers

    Displays a table with all the players from your favorite team on there position and the next Opponent. Based on MMM-AllPlayers
    The module is using this API

    Github link



    Using the module

    Clone the Module from GitHub

    git clone

    Install the package football-data-api.

    npm install football-data-api

    To use this module, add the following configuration block to the modules array in the config/config.js file:

    var config = {
        modules: [
    	        module: 'MMM-NextGameWithPlayers',
    	        position: 'top_center',  // This can be any of the regions. Best results in left or right regions.
    	        header: 'Alle Spieler', // Topic of your modul.
    		    config: {
    	            options: {
    		          headers: {'X-Auth-Token': 'YOUR_TOKEN'},
    		          shortNameLeague: "BL1", //Short name of your League.
    		          shortNameTeam: "HSV", //Short name of your team. Team must be in the League.

    Configuration options

    Option Description
    X-Auth-Token Required You can get it from here.
    shortNameLeague Required Short name of your League
    shortNameTeam Required Short name of your team. Team must be in the League.

    Names for the different leagues:

    Short Name Long Name
    AAL Australian A-League
    CL Champions League 2017/18
    SB Serie B 2017/18
    DFB DFB-Pokal 2017/18
    PPL Primeira Liga 2017/18
    SA Serie A 2017/18
    PD Primera Division 2017
    BL2 2. Bundesliga 2017/18
    BL1 1. Bundesliga 2017/18
    FL2 Ligue 2 2017/18
    FL1 Ligue 1 2017/18
    DED Eredivisie 2017/18
    EL2 League Two 2017/18
    EL1 League One 2017/18
    ELC Championship 2017/18
    PL Premier League 2017/18
    BSA Campeonato Brasileiro da Série A

  • @julianvollmer Wow nice module. But could this also be used somehow for following pro tennis players? That could be cool.

  • @MrBorg if there is an api to get the information there should be a way for visualisation. But Tennis is not my profession.

  • @julianvollmer Ow I found an API

    It would be cool to get player info of different players - like Roger Federer and others shown in a schema likes yours with soccer players: