arm64 version with automatic installer

  • Re: stronger Raspberry Pi 3 Alternatives

    For any of those that may be interested in running your MagicMirror on arm64 based hardware.

    Currently tested it on:

    • Pine64+
    • Rock64
    • Odroid C2

    Operating Systems:

    • DietPi
    • Xenial Mate
    • Xenial LXDE

    Command for the automatic installer:

    bash -c "$(curl -sL"

    I’ve written/rewritten several components of the original (majority for upgrades and arm64 support).

    There are still a few kinks to work out:

    • on Xenial Mate desktop bars are visible
    • pm2 may of may not work automatically depending on OS (works on Xenial Mate and LXDE)

    added some upgrades:

    • all required packages installed automagically
    • all required os updates installed automagically
    • all dependencies installed automagically

    Here is the link to the github repo also.

    Note: the raspberry installer script is still there theoretically it should work, however I haven’t tested it.

    As for benchmarks, I’ll leave that to someone else to play with.

    I’ll continue to update the repo when items are fixed. Let me know if you see issues.

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