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remoteFile compliments

  • I can’t seem to figure out the code for remoteFile.

    In config.js
    module: “compliments”,
    position: “lower_third”,

       config: {
                     updateInterval: 1500,
                     remoteFile: "compliments.json"

    The path for compliments.json is:

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    Your entry looks ok, aside from the missing closed curly bracket and comma }, that should appear at the end, after the last curly close bracket in your post above.

    One question, are you sure about that updateInterval: 1500,? That’s only 1.5 seconds before a new compliment will appear. The default fade speed for the module is 4 seconds, so your compliments are fading well before they even appear.

    Try updateInterval: 30000, - That’s 30 seconds

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