Cutting a two way glass mirror

  • Hello,

    I recently lucked out and found and purchased a 2ft by 6ft two-way glass mirror on Craigslist. I am hoping to be able to turn that into two 2ft by 3ft magic mirrors but am unsure on how to cut it. My initial thought is to cut it the same way I would cut any regular piece of glass but I’m nervous to do it without getting confirmation that it will not damage the mirror. Has anyone had any experience in this area?


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    It can be done. Have you ever “snapped” glass before? You might want to google it or watch a few youtube videos.

    Basically, you use a glass cutter to “score” a line on the glass. Use something like a sheetrock T-square (that’s what I’ve used) as your guide while scoring the glass. The more passes you make, the deeper the score, the better the result. Put the scored glass on a work table with the score line right along the edge of the table, scored side up. Weight (or hold down) the glass that is on the table, especially at the score line. Then you “snap” the glass by pushing the portion of the glass that is not on the table towards the floor. It is a little scary if you’ve never done it because it does SNAP, but when done correctly it snaps right along the score line. You should at least have a helper or two on hand.

  • Thanks a lot @Mykle1! I have cut glass before so that’s really good to hear. If I can acquire my monitors this weekend I will attempt to cut the glass down to size.


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    Real glass is even easier than acrylic. It snaps quicker. Acrylic you really have to push it because it’s not a brittle as glass

  • i “adjusted” my mirror glass aswell.
    I had also had a headache doing it. But it worked out.

    Do it like a regular glass cut.
    Scratch it with a glas-cutting- thing and break it immediately, while the cut is “hot”

    If you are too scared, go to a glas-dealer and ask them to cut it professionally.