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How to dynamically show/hide and configure other modules from my module?

  • How can I dynamically (via API calls)

    1. Show/hide other modules (pre-configured in config.js)
    2. Change their configuration and apply configuration dynamically?

    Case example:

    I would like to dynamically show the standard weather forecast module, and configure the module to show the forecast of a specific location which name or ID I would pass dynamically.

  • Module Developer

    Sounds like you want the configuration from a json instead of the config.js – because then you can change the content.
    Or json first and config.js as fallback (and default after that as the last fallback).
    So the weather module would have to read it’s config from that json and you can create a module that writes to this json something like weather_source: “location”, and triggers the weather module to reload.

    Interesting idea.

    EDIT: I found this module while looking for help with something similar:

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