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MagicMirror Stuck/Freeze

  • Hi Maybe some one can help with the following bug.

    once I started the Magic mirror V2 beta everything looks good.
    But after a few hours / minutes everything freezes No time update our new compliments the Raspberry PI is completely stuck.

    Nothing works any more I can only remove the power en restart.
    any logging I can enable / check ?

    using Traffic / Drive time, Google Agenda, Dutch RSS for news, weather and compliments
    Raspberry PI 3

  • Moderator

    Let’s isolate things … can you run the rPi without MM running, just let it sit on the desktop and let it sit for a few hours, see what happens.

  • Thanks KirAsh4 for the quick reply 🙂

    That’s something I have already done.
    Without mm running the PI has no problems and works after coming back to it

    I will try It without some ‘basic’ module settings and check if its something in a specific module.

  • Moderator

    Can you try running MM with the default sample config that it comes with? Let it sit for a while, see if it freezes then too?

  • Admin

    Could you try running your Pi with an other processor intensive task?

    It might be caused by you power supply. Did you try an other one?

  • okay have done some tests again running the sample config has no problems its keeps running.
    have treid with only the time. after a few hours its stuck.
    But this time I can alt tab back to the console but it will not termante the MM

  • Admin

    I know it sounds weird. But can you try an other power source? At least 2A.

  • Moderator

    Couple of things:

    • Are you using a proper power supply for the pi? You want something that can provide at least 2Amps.
    • Is the rPi very hot? Do you have it in a sealed box with little air flow?
    • Have you checked the file system itself on the card? One method is to issue a forced check upon a reboot with 'sudo shutdown -F -r now' - After the reboot, look the results in '/var/log/fsck/'. If for some reason that fails when you type it in, you can try adding 'fsck.mode=force' to /boot/cmdline.txtand reboot the pi. That will force a file system check upon start up and you can watch to see if there are errors.
    • Failing that, you can always move all of your modules onto a different computer (or in the cloud somewhere), rebuild the pi from a fresh image, and try it again, see what happens.

  • okay have been working and testing the Raspberry PI 3
    Reinstalled a few times checked the SD for corruption / and the temp of the system without any problems…
    next I checked the Power supply sometimes seeing a orange box in top left corner when it was stuck.
    With other power supply same problem. after few minutes to a hour is was stuck again

    I finally found the problem not in MM but running ‘memtester 500m 2’ I found there was I Failure in the memory
    After going back to the store and getting a replacement PI the problem are fixed.
    Thanks for the suggestions and maybe this will help some one with the same problems 🙂

  • So I’m having the same propped but it different I do have The RPi 3 MB but mine overheard and then everything freezes could that just need a cooler?

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