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Modules disappearing randomly

  • Hi all - all of a sudden over the past few days, some of the modules on my MagicMirror are disappearing. Sometimes they reappear, other times the entire screen clears out and it’s blank. I did add a new module the other day, but to rule that out as the cause I removed it from my config and it’s still happening. Any ideas? I’d prefer not to have to wipe the SD card and start over. This installation had been running great for months prior to this. Thanks in advance.


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    Remove the added module from the modules folder.
    Rename your config to OLD
    Make new config from config.js.sample

    Still happening?

  • @Mykle1 actually I noticed that the time on the mirror freezes first, so I think actually something is corrupted. I’m going to do a fresh install and hope that fixes it. Will report back, thank you!

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