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Anyone make an elliptical magic mirror?

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    A friend of mine wants to make a magic mirror for his bathroom and he wants to replace the existing mirror. It’s elliptical, so he wants the monitor to fit within the circumference of the mirror glass and he’s going to set it into the wall a bit.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Is there anything I should be on the watch for? On the positive side, I should be able to mount the motion sensor behind the glass instead of drilling into the frame.

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    Goldjunge Chriz offers custom shaped mirror glass.

    Which Motion sensor would you like to use? PIR is not working behind glass!

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    @yawns Someone around here reported that they successfully used a microwave proximity sensor. I’ll probably go that route.

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    Should work but keep two things in mind:

    • The area outside of the monitor has to be covered from behind with something dark or you will be able to see through it, if there’s even a little bit of light behind it.
    • The screen’s shape itself might still be visible because, unless you have an expensive LED screen where black means black, since there will always be some backlighting or clouding.

    A good screen might have a good enough contrast so that you could use some tinted wrap on the whole backside of the mirror (or just on the screen) to counter that backlighting.

  • Depending on the setup, it may actually be easier to have a monitor that’s the same size you’d use for a rectangular MM, and then block the corners off with either a wide frame or drywall if it’s truly inset. From there, you can just use CSS to “bump” modules left, right, up, or down on the screen so they’re positioned right into the curves of the glass. As long as it’s not gonna be changed a whole lot, that might work just fine also…

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