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  • Hey everyone,

    Yet another version of a Voice Control Module. A few weeks back I put together a basic voice control magic mirror module. You can check the source code at Currently it has very basic functionality, but I’m always open to suggestions 🙂

  • It looks like you’re using google speech APIs. You are quickly going to run out of the quota and start receiving error messages.

  • Yeah, this is true. In the long term I was going to try get my mirror working with the MMM-Facial-Recognition in order to activate/deactivate voice recognition, that should hopefully reduce likelihood of reaching the google quota.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    It’s true it the goolge speech api is limited but honestly you shouldn’t be in front of your mirror all day long talking to it LOL

    Putting those two modules together would be very cool!

  • hello,
    i have this modul SunFounder Sound Voice Sensor
    and it is on Giop 2,6,7
    but i dont now how i can install it … can you halp me ?
    best Wish

  • Hey @samydp

    So, ive never installed before on a SunFounder Sound Voice Sensor, but if you’re running it on a Pi using the Magic Mirror framework, it should (hopefully) be a case of installing it like any other module. There are details in the README on how to do so.

    However maybe there are some other steps required in order to get it to work on the Sensor that I am not aware of.

  • @dr4ke616 nice one 🙂
    i Get it finally work ! it answer very quickly … but it s not so easy to get it work with other Modules …
    in the readme file, there are some infos . but they didnt help so much .

  • @dr4ke616 great work on creating this module!

    I have installed the module on my Raspberry Pi 3 and am having some issues getting it to work. I checked the console in debug and saw the following error message for MMM-Voice-Control. Any idea what is causing the “network” error? thanks in advance!

    SpeechRecognitionError {error: “network”, message: “”, type: “error”, target: SpeechRecognition, currentTarget: SpeechRecognition…}

  • @carteblanche

    Kinda hard to say. Could be any number of things.

    One thing to note is that the module uses annyang package, which relies on Google Speech API. So perhaps the error you are seeing is related to rate limiting on Google’s Speech API. I believe it is something like 50 requests per day (when using for free).

  • Hey @Baltibu

    Yeah, i haven’t done much work on actually integrating it with other modules yet. At the moment it just sends notification like messages to other modules, so other modules can then react to it.

    There is probably a better more generic way to achieve this. So I am open to ideas.

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