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Web Browser for the mirror

  • Hi,
    sorry if this is already been asked, is there are browser with black background and frames that I could use for the mirror. on top of the actual MM interface? At the moment I’m using regular Pi web Browser, for youtube, twitch, or other streamig service when needed. Also If I need to display some informaion on the mirror (ussually somewhere in the corner). The problem, as you may know are the light frames and white background.

  • Module Developer

    @MaxPower Thats not so easy but take a look at my MMM-Openhab modules i display with this the contant of my Openhab webpage and also control it using an iframe.But to change the background is as i know so far only possible if u have access to the source of the page, than its easy like i do.

  • Hey @MaxPower – Any browser can have a black background (body {background: rgb(0,0,0);}}). However, MM also uses electron to avoid chrome (i.e. browser menus and controls). I recommend considering iframe or specialized modules (e.g. MMM-EmbedYouTube, MMM-YouTube-API) to integrate video streaming into your mirror. Finally, to display other data, you can those modules to display other data or even use the other modules (e.g. MMM-HTTPRequestDisplay, MMM-json-feed) or even building your own.

    Using a separate browser isn’t wrong, it’s just difficult to configure and maintain. Setting up to boot into the identical config is more difficult if you have multiple apps running in different orders, etc. You can re-open everything after each boot, but it can become extremely tiresome (after a power outage, replacing components, updating software, etc) to always rearrange everything. YMMV.

  • Hi, thank you all for your comments and suggestions.
    @tbbear I will take a look at your module, thanks!
    @ninjabreadman, thank you for the detailed explanation. So, the best solution for my needs would be the iframe module? I agree with you that additional browser on top of the screen may look bulky, and every time I reboot the mirror I will have to launch and setup it again, etc.
    I’ve had Logitech keyboard with a touchpad, (with IRDA) and I’ve started using it for the mirror, its quite easy to launch a video while im shaving or going to the shower, so the controls is not the biggest problem.
    I would like to have a flexibility to change the size of the video, or make it full screen, and them hide it completely when not needed to show the regular modules. I thought the browser is the best option. The black background actually is not so important, since there will be video playing, it’s the frames and controls with light gray very distracting.

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