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Recipes database

  • Hi all,

    I didn’t find it in the search so I’ll ask here. Is there a module that could be used as a recipes database? One that can be updated in an easy way (not via smart mirror) so we can add newly created recipes and browse in the DB looking for a suitable dinner for that time?
    Maybe even have category like “Main Dish”, “appetizers”, “desserts” and so on? And maybe from there submenu’s? Is such possible? Already there?

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    I don’t think what you described exists but there is a recipe module.

  • I have created my own recipe collection + shopping list solution. There’s no MagicMirror module for it, though. When doing some cooking, I have an Android table with retrofitted magnets on my fridge door to display the recipe at hand. The shopping list component also integrates with Google Home (so you can just tell it what to add, which is pretty nice) and a few online grocery shopping sites through a Chrome extension.
    I’m hosting this on Azure, can hook you up with an account if you like.

    Note: it’s in Swedish, not English - but there aren’t that many buttons, so you should be able to pick it up quickly. 🙂

    There is also a JSON API, which I intend to use to create a native mobile app instead of the current web-based mobile experience. This could also be used for MM integration, should you want to.

  • So it would be possible to have some webspace and build a DB there and then connect the MM to that website using API? Would it then be possible to browse that website looking for the recipe you would like using a kind of filter?
    For exapmle: “Main Dish” - “Pasta” and then you’ll have some Pasta Dishes to chose from?
    I’m not a programming geek, but I have some space I could use and a DB I could build.
    This would mean that you could browse the DB with some criteria from your MM. Is this in any way possible?

  • @Preve Sure. But it seems to me like a tablet would be a better solution for this.

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