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magic mirror as a smart clock

  • Hi, I’m new to programming but would like to expand on the magic mirror by making a smart clock. I have converted a old photo frame into HDMI screen. have a pi 3 running magic mirror on it and i get a nice full screen clock, current weather and forecast. On the same pi i have domoticz running. At present i have two ideas i would like achieve with the smart clock.

    1. Doorbell Camera - when someone presses the door bell ( connected to gpis on a second pi 3 in my network also running magic mirror) the Smart clock will display RTSP live feed of who is at my door. i have found the MMM-RTSPStream - Video Streaming from Live Feeds (Security Cameras) can get it to display a small window but does not run a full window when trying to switch profiles.

    2. send a command from domoticz to change the profile. i was thinking of switching the smart clock to just the time and dropping the brightness when i activate movie scene (can do this from script or http)

    I have been attempting to do this for a few days now and am struggling with the implementation of this.sendnotification.

    any help would be appreciated


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    About 1/3 of the way down this page are the send and receive notifications specs

  • Hi Mykle1,

    I can see the configuration i want and know the santex needed. what I’m struggling to grasp is how i can send that line from a python script or a shell script. i can send those from switches within domestics. I’m just not sure how to write or if that notification is sent across my lan.

    sorry if i get some of the terminology incorrect. still very new to this.


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    Ok, I am afraid I can’t help you with that. Perhaps someone else will give you some ideas. Good luck, mate. 🙂

  • @MrRodz If you install MMM-Remote-Control and correctly configure the ipWhiteList, it will install a generic receiver to receive commands to your MM via a local HTTP GET request.

    You can then use an HTTP GET request like to trigger a module/action, switch profiles, or create your own custom actions.

    I’m terms of GPIO for your doorbell, see MMM-Buttons or MMM-PIR-Sensor. It seems to me you want to receive a GPIO event, switch profiles, and start a timer to later revert your profile to the original – that’s basically MMM-PIR-Sensor (movement, turn on screen, set timer to turn off).

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